March 2017 Homestead Update

march 2017 homestead updateThere has been a lot of work done over the past month.  In preparation to get ready for farmers market in the spring time, we have been hard at work getting plants and trees in the ground.  We have been focusing on 2 different goal posts.  We have been working on long term goals and short term goals.

Long Term Goals

Our long term goals are to get fruit and nuts from our trees and bushes.  Of course we were not able to get these products right now so we are focusing on the future.  These trees will take 3-5 years before we get anything off of them however, if you don’t plant them now you will never get anything off of them.  This month we planted…

  • 2 peach
  • 1 mulberry
  • 1 hazelnut
  • 3 goji berry
  • 1 scuppernoug
  • 1 grape
  • 2 fig

It does seem like we worked and spent money more on the long term versus short term, however if you do not focus on the future you will not have one.  We have big plans for these trees and bushes and hope to have a really good harvest in the upcoming years.

Short Term Goals

Even though we didn’t focus too much on our short term goals, we did have a little bit finished for them.  This month we planted…

  • 3 blueberry
  • 1 blackberry
  • 1 raspberry
  • 20 strawberry
  • 1 rosemary

In the coming months we will be experiencing some warmer weather and hope to get some typical gardening plants in the ground.  Until then we are going to focus on perennial plants that can survive the cold nights and warm days.

Lucky Leaf Farm

Michael and Clay went to volunteer our time helping out Kate of Lucky Leaf Farm in Harrisburg, NC. lucky leaf farm While we were there we had time to get to know each other and start to develop a relationship between our two farms.

While we were there we helped pull down some hop vines, dig up hop roots, add some dirt around the hop mounds, and fertilize the surrounding area.  We had a great time and as a payment of our work, Kate sent us home with some soil that she couldn’t use anymore for her micro greens.

It is important for us at Big Oak Homestead to have a working relationship with outside farms in the area.  A long term goal for us is to make the Concord- Harrisburg- Midland area a permaculture hub.  If we can connect with the local farmers in the area that are trying to accomplish the same permaculture type farms as we are we can grow our strength.  This can really bring some good changes to the agriculture atmosphere around this area.

Thank you to Kate for allowing us the opportunity to come in and work with you.  We hope to come back soon!

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